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Jeff Bezos Just Bought the Biggest House in Washington, D.C.

Date: Thu, 12. January 2017 14:23:29
He paid a million over the asking price

People Are Paying Thousands (Even Millions!) for Phone Numbers

Date: Mon, 27. April 2015 14:03:57
Somebody just paid $2.2 million for a set of digits.

Google boss Sundar Pichai becomes highest paid chief executive in US

Date: Tue, 9. February 2016 12:30:04
The boss of Google has become the highest paid chief executive in America after being handed $199m in shares.

CIA torture report: In Iraq, US abuses, and their consequences, are old news

Date: Wed, 10. December 2014 12:59:01
While many Americans have expressed shock at the details of CIA interrogation methods revealed Tuesday in a Senate report, there is little such surprise being voiced in Iraq, where the price the US has paid for those policies is also well understood.

Kansas spent $913K to defend anti-abortion laws

Date: Mon, 14. October 2013 21:02:57
Kansas has paid more than $913,000 to two private law firms that are helping the state defend anti-abortion laws enacted since conservative Republican Gov. Sam Brownback took office, and such expenses appear likely to grow.

Q&A: Net neutrality rules go into effect

Date: Fri, 12. June 2015 16:46:15
NEW YORK (AP) ? New rules that treat the Internet like a public utility and prohibit blocking, slowing and creating paid fast lanes for online traffic took effect Friday.

#Budget18: Low-paid workers will benefit from Budget, coffee shop owner says

Date: Tue, 10. October 2017 15:46:10
Ireland's budget has served up some welcome news for low-paid workers, a coffee shop owner on the border has said.

Minimum wage increase did not lead to more unemployment, study finds

Date: Wed, 18. April 2018 07:51:33
The increase in the national minimum wage did not lead to more unemployment among low paid workers, a new study has found.

Titanfall's First Map Pack Drops In May, Free Updates Coming Soon

Date: Sun, 13. April 2014 13:40:00
Titanfall is about to see some rather larger content updates for PC and Xbox One, both paid and free. The biggest news is that the first downloadable map pack has been announced for the game. Due out in May, the first offering is called "Expedition" and will be $10 for three new maps.

HSBC 3Q profit surges by third as compliance costs fall

Date: Mon, 2. November 2015 01:24:40
HONG KONG (AP) ? HSBC's pre-tax profit has jumped by a third in the latest quarter as it paid out less in fines, settlements and British customer compensation ordered by regulators, the bank said Monday.

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