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Female apprentices in 'low-pay' jobs

Date: Wed, 11. December 2013 00:56:14
Female apprentices are more likely to end up in low-paid jobs as a result of training in "female-dominated sectors", new research suggests.

Ford paying $17 million to Feds over recall delay

Date: Thu, 1. August 2013 20:58:50
Ford says it has paid the government $17.3 million to settle a dispute over allegations that Ford delayed a safety recall.

Newt Gingrich Says Trump Is 'Not Trying' Yet

Date: Sat, 2. July 2016 19:17:57
Gingrich, who is being considered as Trump's VP pick, said that paid ads won't work to define Trump the way that they succeeded against Mitt Romney.

Android Wear bug prevents installation of apps that cost money

Date: Tue, 8. July 2014 09:20:00
If you've already got an Android Wear device, you may have some problems getting paid apps onto the device.

Court funding down but judges among best paid - Irish Independent

Date: Thu, 9. October 2014 21:52:30
Irish IndependentCourt funding down but judges among best paidIrish IndependentIRELAND has the lowest number of professional judges in Europe, but they remain among the best paid for their work at the end of their careers, according to a new report. Share. Facebook · Twitter · Google · Email. Go To. Comments. The report of the ...Irish judges are among best paid in Europe, report findsIrish TimesUK among lowest for female judgesHalstead Gazetteall 26 news articles »

CFO of Soup Nazi-inspired company indicted on tax charges

Date: Tue, 23. May 2017 20:19:25
The government says CFO Robert N. Bertrand paid Soupman employees unreported cash on the side and gave some workers large unreported stock awards. The government says CFO Robert N. Bertrand paid Soupman employees unreported cash on the side and gave some workers large unreported stock awards.

Google may get its futuristic new campus after all

Date: Wed, 13. July 2016 19:33:49
Google's grand plans for a futuristic new campus in the North Bayshore district of Mountain View, CA may finally become a reality thanks to a new real estate deal struck with LinkedIn. According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the two tech companies came to an agreement on a property swap that puts to rest a longstanding feud over lucrative current and unused square footage in Silicon Valley. Google paid $215 million for the swap, while LinkedIn paid $331 million, the report states.

'Dragon Ball Z,' 'Attack On Titan' Top Funimation's New Anime Streaming Service

Date: Thu, 7. January 2016 15:47:00
FunimationNow, a monthly paid ad-free service, will include 400 high definition shows, including Fairy Tail, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul and Space Dandy.

Air Force certifies SpaceX to bid for military space missions

Date: Tue, 26. May 2015 21:26:00
Making peace with US Air Force and dropping charges against the agency has paid off for SpaceX. Its Falcon 9 rocket has finally been certified, giving the company the right to compete for national security ...

Minimum wage increase did not lead to more unemployment, study finds

Date: Wed, 18. April 2018 07:51:33
The increase in the national minimum wage did not lead to more unemployment among low paid workers, a new study has found.

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