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?She paid the price?: ICE deports immigrant woman weeks after she alleges guards sexually assaul

Date: Wed, 16. September 2020 18:13:09
The immigrant woman was deported on Monday with little notice, her lawyer says

Facebook offers all employees four months paid baby leave

Date: Fri, 27. November 2015 15:47:19
As CEO Mark Zuckerberg prepares to become a father, the world's largest social network shakes up its parental leave policy.

Florida House: Hand over records from Emeril's show now

Date: Thu, 11. January 2018 17:40:01
The Florida House is demanding the producer of a television show hosted by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse to turn over records in five days or risk hefty fines and even jail. Lawmakers are asking for years of records detailing how the show spent millions paid out by the state's tourism agency - and how much was paid to Lagasse.

NFL notebook: Buffalo Bills put Kromer on paid leave

Date: Wed, 15. July 2015 01:14:18
The Sports Xchange Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer was placed on indefinite paid administrative leave Tuesday after his weekend arrest for allegedly punching a boy and threatening to kill his family in Florida.

Turkish gold trader says he paid $45,000 bribe to U.S. prison guard

Date: Tue, 5. December 2017 20:18:23
A Turkish-Iranian gold trader testifying in the trial of a Turkish banker accused of helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions said on Tuesday that he paid a $45,000 (33,523 pounds) bribe to a U.S. prison guard to obtain alcohol and use the guard's phone. Reza Zarrab, who is cooperating with prosecutors, testified that he got the money through a Turkish attorney whom he did not identify. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons could not immediately be reached for comment.

Some Maine police computers hit by virus

Date: Sat, 11. April 2015 11:14:20
Police departments in the midcoast and Aroostook County have paid computer hackers ransom to get rid of a virus that infiltrated their computer systems. Lincoln County Sheriff Todd Brackett told WCSH-TV that they paid a ransom fee of about $300 to the creator of the virus to get their files back.

British company seeks beverage enthusiast to get paid to test cocktails

Date: Tue, 18. May 2021 19:31:04
A British beverage company is seeking an "official cocktail tester" to get paid more than $280 to spend a year drinking free cocktails.

Paid maternity leave linked to lower infant mortality rates

Date: Fri, 8. April 2016 10:45:24
By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Every additional month of paid maternity leave is associated with a 13 percent reduction in infant mortality rates in low-income countries and the developing world, a recent study suggests. Earlier studies have linked paid time off after birth with lower infant mortality rates in affluent nations, but the current study offers the first look at how paid leave may influence survival for babies in less wealthy countries, researchers report in the journal PLoS Medicine. ?Our findings suggest that extending the duration of paid maternity leave is a potential instrument for reducing infant mortality in low- and middle-income countries, particularly those that offer shorter durations of leave, and achieving global targets to eliminate preventable child deaths,? said lead study author Arijit Nandi, a health and social policy researcher at McGill University in Montreal.

White House Male Employees Paid More Than Women: Study

Date: Mon, 3. July 2017 01:53:46
The annual report to Congress on White House office personnel, released Friday, revealed women earned an average of $84, 500 as compared to men who earned $105, 000.

Ohio State's Urban Meyer placed on paid administrative leave

Date: Wed, 1. August 2018 23:36:52
Ohio State placed Urban Meyer on paid leave while officials conduct an probe into when he knew about abuse allegations against a fired assistant coach.

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