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Michael Cohen Reportedly Paid $600,000 To Advise AT&T On Time Warner Merger

Date: Fri, 11. May 2018 07:16:08
AT&T reportedly paid President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael

Is the saying 'you get what you paid for' true?

Date: Fri, 15. April 2016 23:15:00
There is an old saying, "You get what you pay for." We've all heard it, but is it true?

Trump hits back at tax protests, asks 'who paid' for rallies

Date: Sun, 16. April 2017 11:38:04
US President Donald Trump on Sunday hit back at nationwide protests calling for him to release his tax returns, questioning "who paid for" the "small" rallies. "Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!" the president tweeted Sunday morning.

Why Your Kids Should Do Weekly Chores?And Get Paid for Doing Them

Date: Mon, 5. June 2017 14:32:38
Yes, an allowance really is a good idea!

See These Shocking Things Your Taxes Paid For

Date: Sat, 7. April 2018 10:00:00
See how your tax dollars have been put to work.

Adobe rolls out an extended paid leave program for new parents

Date: Mon, 10. August 2015 21:42:50
Software maker to begin offering new mothers up to 26 weeks of paid leave from their jobs, following similar policy updates made last week by Netflix and Microsoft.

Google adds temporary workaround to enable paid apps on Android Wear

Date: Wed, 9. July 2014 01:49:00
When some apps aren't transferring to your newly-purchased Google toy, you're probably going to get a little upset. That's exactly what happened with paid apps from Android's Google Play, which were happily installing to phones, just not Bluetooth-paired G Watch and Gear Live. The company's come up with a workaround for now which requires paid app makers to manually package files differently.

Ex-cop says Duterte paid him, others to kill crime suspects

Date: Mon, 20. February 2017 04:51:06
MANILA, Philippines (AP) ? A retired Philippine police officer said Monday that President Rodrigo Duterte, when he was a mayor, ordered and paid him and other members of a so-called liquidation squad to kill criminals and opponents, including a kidnapping suspect, his family and a critical radio commentator.

Obama to Give 300,000 Workers Paid Sick Leave With New Executive Order

Date: Mon, 7. September 2015 07:01:00
President Obama will sign an executive order Monday giving hundreds of thousands of workers employed by federal contractors access to paid sick leave. The order will require federal contractors to give employees the ability to earn at least seven days (56 hours) of paid sick leave annually. It will give about 300,000 workers new access to paid sick leave, and an additional number of workers the ability to earn more sick leave than they had before.

Ita s election season. Let the boring ads begin

Date: Sat, 18. April 2015 03:40:12
Voting day is likely six months away, yet, we are already being treated to political ads - some paid by the parties, some disguised as government advertising paid by our tax dollars. There's plenty more to come as party strategists and political consultants will be churning out an avalanche of ads.

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