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Leads By The Bucket: Our 2016 Content Marketing Breakthrough (And How To Replicate It)

Date: Sun, 18. December 2016 10:40:00
My content startup practiced what we preached in 2016--and watched as our inbound marketing campaign paid off in droves. To do the same, follow these steps, and sit back as your leads find you.

Rodman teammate Smith: N. Korea didn't pay us

Date: Sun, 12. January 2014 14:11:44
Charles Smith insisted Sunday that the former NBA players who went to North Korea for a basketball diplomacy trip, led by Dennis Rodman, weren't paid by the repressive regime.

Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

Date: Fri, 23. January 2015 18:33:00
CryoKeen writes: I got a new laptop recently after trading in my old laptop for store credit. While I was waiting to check out, the sales guy just handed me some random antivirus software (Trend Micro) that was included with the purchase. I don't think he or I realized at the time that the CD/DVD he gave me would not work because my new laptop does not have a CD/DVD player. Anyway, it got me wondering whether I should use it or not. Would I be better off downloading something like Avast or Malwarebytes? Is there one piece of antivirus software that's significantly better than the others? Are any of the paid options worthwhile, or should I just stick to the free versions? What security software would you recommend in addition to anti-virus? Read more of this story at Slashdot.

FBI deletes details about hacking effort in document release

Date: Sat, 7. January 2017 02:29:02
WASHINGTON (AP) ? The FBI has released 100 pages of heavily censored documents related to its agreement with an unidentified vendor to hack into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California, shooters, but it did not identify whom it paid to perform the work or how much it cost.

Every US Taxpayer Has Effectively Paid Apple At Least $6 in Recent Years

Date: Fri, 9. December 2016 03:05:26
An anonymous reader shares an ArsTechnica report: Apple has received at least $6 per American taxpayer over the last five years in the form of interest payments on billions' worth of United States Treasury bonds, according to a report by Bloomberg. Citing Apple's regulatory filings and unnamed sources, the business publication found "the Treasury Department paid Apple at least $600 million and possibly much more over the past five years in the form of interest." By taking advantage of a provision in the American tax code, Bloomberg says that Apple has "stashed much of its foreign earnings -- tax-free -- right here in the US, in part by purchasing government bonds." As The Wall Street Journal reported in September, American companies are believed to be holding approximately $2 trillion in cash overseas that is shielded from US taxes. Under American law, companies must pay a 35-percent corporate tax rate on global profits when that money is brought home -- so there is an incentive to keep as much of that money overseas as possible. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Michelle Obama: 'My bangs set off a national conversation'

Date: Thu, 28. February 2013 17:34:14
The first lady shook off criticism that she's gone too far to be in the spotlight lately, and said the microscopic attention paid to her every move is simply a sign of the times.

Johnny Depp becomes new face of Dior men's fragrance

Date: Wed, 3. June 2015 13:10:08
Paris (AFP) - "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp is about to chart a new course into fragrant waters by agreeing to be the face promoting Dior's line of men's scents. Dior declined to say how much the contract was worth, but it has pockets deep enough to afford him while also paying Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron to endorse its products. Depp, ranked among the top-paid actors in Hollywood, has amassed an estimated fortune of $250 million (220 million euros), much of it thanks to the "Pirates" movie franchise, the latest of which he is currently filming in Australia.

Justin Bieber is the only male artist in the top five highest-paid celebrities under 30

Date: Thu, 3. January 2013 10:17:20
Forbes named the Top Ten Highest-Paid Celebrities Under 30 in May of 2012, and not surprisingly, most of these ten celebrities are musicians.

With $3.3 Billion Owed, Should Tax-Delinquent Federal Employees--Including IRS--Be Fired?

Date: Fri, 23. May 2014 14:25:03
Government Workers--Including at the IRS--owe Billions in Back Taxes, and Yet are Paid by the Government. Should They Be Fired?

Unemployment benefits for 1.3 million expire Saturday

Date: Fri, 27. December 2013 18:17:19
Marshall, 56, has been out of work for a year, since she lost an administrative assistant job that paid her $44,000 per year.

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