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The Mueller interview that wasn't: how Trump's legal strategy paid off

Date: Wed, 27. March 2019 16:03:00
Mueller had spent 22 months investigating whether Trump or his aides conspired with Russia during the 2016 election, interviewing 500 witnesses. The strategy paid off, insulating Trump from the legal jeopardy presented by a sit-down interview with the special counsel's team - an interview that Trump had said publicly he wanted to do. There was even a tentative date for the interview - Jan. 27, 2018 - though one of Trump's lawyers told Reuters he never intended to make the president available to Mueller.

The National Enquirer Paid $30,000 for a 'Rumor' About Donald Trump. Then It Spiked th

Date: Thu, 12. April 2018 06:02:03
The tabloid later decided the salacious story was false

Shutdown Continues, But Furloughed Workers Will Likely Be Paid

Date: Sat, 5. October 2013 11:29:14
WASHINGTON, D.C. ? The U.S. government shutdown saga continues on Capitol Hill today, but for the 800,000 federal workers sent home without pay there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Today, the House of Representatives passed legislation that, if cleared...

Virgin Group to give some moms and dads full year of paid parental leave

Date: Wed, 10. June 2015 18:58:39
Danielle HaynesLONDON, June 10 (UPI) -- Virgin Group announced Wednesday it is giving a full year's paid leave to both new mothers and fathers. Some of them, at least.

Dominican police say women paid to accuse senator Dominican police...

Date: Mon, 18. March 2013 15:33:08
Police in the Dominican Republic say they have determined that three women who said they had sex with a U.S. senator for money were in fact paid to make false claims by Police in the Dominican Republic say three women were paid to claim they had sex with Sen.

How Much Is Vortiv's (ASX:VOR) CEO Getting Paid?

Date: Mon, 3. August 2020 00:30:48
Jeff Lai became the CEO of Vortiv Limited (ASX:VOR) in 2017, and we think it's a good time to look at the executive's...

California lawmakers advance bill to mandate paid sick leave

Date: Thu, 29. May 2014 20:19:52
By Jennifer Chaussee SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) - California businesses would have to offer paid sick leave to employees under a bill approved by the state Assembly on Thursday, and if the measure becomes law California would join Connecticut as the only U.S. states with such a mandate. The measure, authored by Democratic Assembly member Lorena Gonzalez, requires all employers to offer one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. It would allow employers to limit the number of sick days a worker can take to three days. Worker rights groups and others are campaigning for an expansion of paid sick leave rights in the private sector.

Hewlett-Packard paid no Australian tax despite making AU$3.1b in 2014

Date: Wed, 16. December 2015 22:10:00
The Australian Taxation Office's corporate tax transparency report has revealed that 38 percent of the 1,539 Australian and foreign public companies, as well as foreign private entities, did not pay tax in 2014.

The Intended Consequences of Paid Leave

Date: Wed, 13. January 2016 20:45:04
It's as predictable as the terrible twos: Any time groups try to pass a progressive workplace policy, opponents warn of the unintended consequences to jobs and businesses. That has certainly been the case with proposals to establish a family and medical leave insurance fund. The facts say otherwise: A growing body of evidence shows that such a...

Paid apps are history

Date: Fri, 18. January 2013 14:52:43
This week marked an important moment in the evolution of the iOS app market. As Pages just slipped out of the iPad top 10 highest grossing apps chart, there are now no paid apps among the ten applications that generate most revenue on the iPad. When the iPad application market was born a few years ago, it was dominated by relatively stiffly priced applications, mimicking the PC software or game console software markets. But over the past couple of years, app vendors have realized that free apps with clever in-app purchasing hooks create much more revenue than paid apps. The same applies to the iPhone ? there is only one paid app among the twenty highest grossing iPhone apps today. It

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