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SwiftKey for Android is now free with paid keyboard themes

Date: Wed, 11. June 2014 03:01:05
SwiftKey is doing something unusual. It's long been one of the most popular paid Android add-ons to date, but apparently that's not good enough. For about a buck each (or a few dollars for sets of themes), SwiftKey hopes you'll be willing to shell out for access to designs that will change the look of something you use on your phone numerous times each day. This is a critical shift for us," SwiftKey's chief marketing officer, Joe Braidwood, says.

3 awesome paid iPhone apps you can get for free right now

Date: Fri, 4. July 2014 11:15:04
If there is a better way to celebrate our nation?s independence than by downloading a few awesome paid iPhone and iPad apps for free, we don?t know what it is. Tons of developers have made their paid apps free to celebrate July 4th, and we?ve sifted through them all to pick out three gems. We even have a game in today?s batch, which is rare for this series. It?s a great one that harkens back to the days of NES though, and there is no better day to get nostalgic than Independence Day. Weather Dial Not another weather app! Trust us, Weather Dial is simple, positively gorgeous, and like nothing you?ve ever seen before. Stop wasting time staring at weather radars and

Parent who paid $6.5 million in college admissions scandal remains a mystery

Date: Mon, 25. March 2019 03:04:08
As the college admissions scandal unfolds, the identity of the parent who paid $6.5 million for their child or children to get into an elite college remains a mystery.

Highest-paid musician: The 'Material Girl' out-earns Lady Gaga

Date: Wed, 20. November 2013 03:06:40
Highest-paid musician? Madonna, by a wide margin. The second and third highest-paid musicians were Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi, respectively.

Highest-paid musician: The 'Material Girl' out-earns Lady Gaga (+video)

Date: Sat, 23. November 2013 03:06:44
Highest-paid musician? Madonna, by a wide margin. The second and third highest-paid musicians were Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi, respectively.

Lack of paid sick leave linked to poverty

Date: Fri, 15. June 2018 01:09:21
Workers without paid sick leave are three times more likely to have incomes below the poverty line, two new studies find.

Biden paid almost $300,000 in federal income taxes in 2019 as he readies debate attacks on Trump

Date: Tue, 29. September 2020 19:05:50
Biden published his tax documents two days after a NYT investigation found that Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017.

Solar eclipse coming -- and it's $2,000 for grand view

Date: Wed, 24. May 2017 11:09:51
Oregonians are set to be the first ones in the United States to witness the solar eclipse and some have paid a whopping $2,000 for a simple luxury: unobstructed views. In an auction, 30 bidders paid $500 a night instead of the standard $28 to camp at a state park in Oregon during the "Great American Eclipse" weekend.

Online Advertising: When In Doubt, DISCLOSE

Date: Tue, 5. May 2015 18:33:35
The FTC has approved the final order in its February complaint against AmeriFreight for failing to disclose that it compensated consumers for their online reviews. Coordinated and paid advertising campaigns that do not disclose paid endorsements test the FTC's guidelines known as the Disclosures issued in March 2013.

'We're not backing down': Amazon workers want paid time off to vote in 2020 election

Date: Mon, 2. November 2020 21:39:57
Advocates say Amazon has fallen behind a slew of major corporations that announced plans earlier this year to provide their employees with paid time off to vote.

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