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Air Force certifies SpaceX to bid for military space missions

Date: Tue, 26. May 2015 21:26:00
Making peace with US Air Force and dropping charges against the agency has paid off for SpaceX. Its Falcon 9 rocket has finally been certified, giving the company the right to compete for national security ...

UPI Almanac for Monday, Aug. 14, 2017

Date: Mon, 14. August 2017 03:00:07
On Aug. 14, 1985, Michael Jackson paid $47 million at auction for the rights to 40,000 songs, including most of the Beatles classics.

Financial broker payments examined by Central Bank

Date: Thu, 23. November 2017 02:30:00
Brokers should let customers know what commission they are being paid by financial firms if selling a product, the Central Bank has said.

Tax returns: Bernie, Jane Sanders earned nearly $206K in 2014

Date: Fri, 15. April 2016 21:23:05
Bernie and Jane Sanders earned nearly $206,000 in 2014 and paid about $28,000 in federal taxes, according to a tax return released by his campaign Friday night. Together, their total unadjusted gross earnings was $205,617.

Driver in crash that killed 2 pleads guilty, pays $800 fine

Date: Sat, 2. April 2016 20:00:54
MILL HALL, Pa. (AP) ? A delivery truck driver who crashed into a horse and buggy in Pennsylvania last summer killing a woman and 9-year-old boy has pleaded guilty and paid nearly $800 in fines.

Drug firm bribes 'routine in China'

Date: Mon, 12. August 2013 09:59:57
Bribes are routinely paid by foreign pharmaceutical firms in China to boost product sales, the BBC learns, as Beijing widens an inquiry into drugs-price fixing.

People Are Paying Thousands (Even Millions!) for Phone Numbers

Date: Mon, 27. April 2015 14:03:57
Somebody just paid $2.2 million for a set of digits.

Minimum wage increase did not lead to more unemployment, study finds

Date: Wed, 18. April 2018 07:51:33
The increase in the national minimum wage did not lead to more unemployment among low paid workers, a new study has found.

50 Cent pays $22 million, gets bankruptcy case discharged

Date: Fri, 3. February 2017 04:17:30
Check out this story on HARTFORD, Conn. - A federal judge has discharged rapper 50 Cent's bankruptcy case after he paid more than $22 million.

Shoot for the Stars: Step Inside Boeing's Space Taxi

Date: Wed, 16. July 2014 12:04:31
NASA has already paid Boeing $460 million to get this far, but the company won't know for another month if it will go any farther.

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