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Olympic execs get 2.8m goodbye

Date: Mon, 22. July 2013 07:56:32
The financial reports of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) show 144 officials were paid a share of more than 2m ahead of it being wound down in 2014.

Death Train: Will Germany Finally Pay the Holocaust Survivors of Iasi?

Date: Sat, 1. July 2017 18:00:00
The Jews of Iasi, Romania were murdered in the streets and in locked train cars. The survivors want to know why Germany hasn't paid up.

House prices rise for first-timers

Date: Tue, 19. March 2013 06:37:52
Prices paid for UK homes by first-time buyers in January were 2% higher than a year earlier, official figures show.

Tributes to heroic coach driver

Date: Thu, 18. April 2013 00:49:43
Tributes have been paid to a heroic coach driver believed to have died trying to stop his malfunctioning vehicle going over a ravine in the Alps.

Clinton retires debt from 2008 campaign

Date: Tue, 22. January 2013 22:03:42
WASHINGTON (AP) ? Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has paid off the outstanding debt from her 2008 presidential campaign.

Graduate starting pay 'falling'

Date: Mon, 14. April 2014 05:33:41
Starting salaries for graduate jobs, even in the best-paid fields of medicine and dentistry, have fallen 11% in five years, research suggests

Premium 'Android Silver' phones may replace Google's Nexus program

Date: Tue, 29. April 2014 13:41:00
Google will reportedly push stock Android with paid incentives for phone makers and unique features for users.

Are You Looking At Paid Advertising the Right Way?

Date: Tue, 23. July 2013 14:48:30
Paid advertising made the change from the idea that 'clicks were most important' to focusing primarily on conversions and return on ad spend .

How the House GOP Plans to Dial Back Obama's Regulations

Date: Thu, 17. November 2016 15:34:00
The House GOP is preparing to undue dozens of regulations ? possibly ranging from overtime pay to paid sick leave with the help of a rarely used law.

Wait, People Pay for Tinder?

Date: Thu, 8. August 2019 05:26:13
Like a mobile game, the dating app offers paid features that increase the odds of success. Lots of people are buying.

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