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Exactly how much does an artist get per stream of their songs?

Date: Mon, 22. June 2015 10:46:43
Taylor Swift has reignited the debate over streaming music for free, and artists being paid for it.

Obamas pay effective federal tax rate of nearly 20 percent

Date: Sat, 11. April 2015 03:24:50
WASHINGTON (AP) ? President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, paid more than $93,000 in federal taxes last year on an adjusted gross income of more than $477,000. Their effective tax rate was 19.6 percent.

Obama visits protesters fasting for immigration reform

Date: Sat, 30. November 2013 04:59:04
President Barack Obama paid a visit Friday to a group of activists who have been fasting for weeks in the hopes of pressuring Congress to pass new immigration laws.

Settlement for owner of cabin where Dorner committed suicide

Date: Tue, 17. February 2015 22:25:10
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) ? The owners of the mountain cabin where rogue ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner holed himself up during a deadly gun battle with deputies will be paid $200,000.

GOP seeks alternative to overtime pay

Date: Mon, 6. May 2013 09:10:25
It seems like a simple proposition: give employees who work more than 40 hours a week the option of taking paid time off instead of overtime pay. The choice already exists in the public sector.

Rodman teammate Smith: N. Korea didn't pay us

Date: Sun, 12. January 2014 14:11:44
Charles Smith insisted Sunday that the former NBA players who went to North Korea for a basketball diplomacy trip, led by Dennis Rodman, weren't paid by the repressive regime.

Helicopter scandal boss steps down

Date: Fri, 15. February 2013 10:34:03
The boss of Italian defence firm Finmeccanica, Giuseppe Orsi, formally resigns amid allegations that the group paid bribes to win an Indian contract.

Is Australia falling out of love with solar power?

Date: Wed, 5. February 2014 15:24:46
Australia has the world's largest number of homes with solar panels, but take-up is now falling after cuts to how much people get paid for their excess electricity, as the BBC's Phil Mercer reports.

Central Bank spent over ?1.5m on travel and hotels for staff

Date: Mon, 1. April 2019 17:28:00
The Central Bank last year paid more than €540,000 in fees for its travelling staff.

Felix Hernandez and Seattle agree on new contract

Date: Tue, 12. February 2013 15:54:23
PEORIA, Ariz. (AP) ? Felix Hernandez and Seattle reached agreement Tuesday on a contract that is expected to make the Mariners ace the highest-paid pitcher in baseball.

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