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UPI Almanac for Monday, Aug. 14, 2017

Date: Mon, 14. August 2017 03:00:07
On Aug. 14, 1985, Michael Jackson paid $47 million at auction for the rights to 40,000 songs, including most of the Beatles classics.

Minimum wage increase did not lead to more unemployment, study finds

Date: Wed, 18. April 2018 07:51:33
The increase in the national minimum wage did not lead to more unemployment among low paid workers, a new study has found.

Spain Imposes Special Fees On Distributed Generation

Date: Tue, 13. October 2015 13:32:00
On Friday, the Spanish government approved a slate of special fees to be paid by utility customers who use distributed generation to avoid purchasing electricity from the power grid.

Shoot for the Stars: Step Inside Boeing's Space Taxi

Date: Wed, 16. July 2014 12:04:31
NASA has already paid Boeing $460 million to get this far, but the company won't know for another month if it will go any farther.

"Game of Thrones" Writer Gives Away Throne at Fan Event

Date: Sun, 23. March 2014 01:36:12
About 7,000 lucky Game of Thrones fans paid $15 each to attend a fan event in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Thursday night where they were treated to an early screening of the HBO show's fourth season premiere.

Reports: Medicare Paid $120M in Illegal Care

Date: Thu, 24. January 2013 12:30:12
Two new reports show that the taxpayer-funded Medicare program paid more than $120 million from 2009 to 2011 in violation of federal law for medical services for inmates and illegal immigrants.

50 Cent pays $22 million, gets bankruptcy case discharged

Date: Fri, 3. February 2017 04:17:30
Check out this story on HARTFORD, Conn. - A federal judge has discharged rapper 50 Cent's bankruptcy case after he paid more than $22 million.

'Dragon Ball Z,' 'Attack On Titan' Top Funimation's New Anime Streaming Service

Date: Thu, 7. January 2016 15:47:00
FunimationNow, a monthly paid ad-free service, will include 400 high definition shows, including Fairy Tail, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul and Space Dandy.

Facebook Will Remove ?Overly Promotional? Posts From News Feed

Date: Fri, 14. November 2014 18:03:56
Paid ads are still fair game, however

15 favorite restaurants of 2014, plus 25 standbys

Date: Fri, 2. January 2015 04:37:49
As always, 2014 saw me trying out a lot of local restaurants, from high to low and in various cuisines. I'm not a professional reviewer or anything, but I write about meals - consumed anonymously and paid for out of my own pocket - nearly every week on my blog, and some readers say they appreciate my guidance.

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