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Living wage 'answer to pay squeeze'

Date: Mon, 10. February 2014 04:17:11
Rising living costs and stagnating wages are creating a "double squeeze" on the lowest paid, a senior churchman says.

Marketing Through Smart Speakers? Brands Don?t Need to Be Asked Twice

Date: Mon, 3. December 2018 01:45:52
Google Home and Amazon Echo don?t carry paid advertising, so companies are trying more creative ways of using them to reach consumers.

India Shut Down Kashmir?s Internet Access. Now, ?We Cannot Do Anything.?

Date: Fri, 16. August 2019 14:38:30
Pharmacists can?t restock medicines; workers aren?t being paid. But the government still loves to block the internet for ?peace and tranquillity.?

Sony Gave Me $1349 Worth Of PlayStation Games This Year -- I Paid $50 For All Of Them

Date: Sun, 14. December 2014 13:35:00
In North America alone during 2014, Sony handed out 71 free games totaling a value of $1349 to PlayStation Plus members. I paid $49.99 for all of them.

Death Train: Will Germany Finally Pay the Holocaust Survivors of Iasi?

Date: Sat, 1. July 2017 18:00:00
The Jews of Iasi, Romania were murdered in the streets and in locked train cars. The survivors want to know why Germany hasn't paid up.

Guess Who Came to Dinner With Flynn and Putin

Date: Tue, 18. April 2017 09:39:00
NBC News reviewed video and photos from a 2015 Moscow gala that Mike Flynn was paid $45,000 to attend to see who else was in the room.

AUS: Coles fined for "misleading" country-of-origin claims

Date: Mon, 1. July 2013 10:55:00
Coles, Australia's second-largest grocer, has paid fines totalling more than A$60,000 for alleged misleading country-of-origin claims.

Google is preparing to launch a subscription version of YouTube with no adverts

Date: Thu, 19. February 2015 11:32:36
A company executive has confirmed a paid-for version is in the works.

Are You Looking At Paid Advertising the Right Way?

Date: Tue, 23. July 2013 14:48:30
Paid advertising made the change from the idea that 'clicks were most important' to focusing primarily on conversions and return on ad spend .

House prices rise for first-timers

Date: Tue, 19. March 2013 06:37:52
Prices paid for UK homes by first-time buyers in January were 2% higher than a year earlier, official figures show.

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