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Dwayne Johnson tops Forbes list of highest-paid actors

Date: Thu, 25. August 2016 11:43:11
NEW YORK (AP) ? Dwayne Johnson elbowed Robert Downey Jr. aside to become the highest-paid actor with a fast and furious income of $64.5 million, according to Forbes magazine.

Pupil 'paid R35K for photos, sex favours' - Independent Online

Date: Tue, 9. September 2014 03:45:37
Independent OnlinePupil 'paid R35K for photos, sex favours'Independent OnlineDurban - Details have emerged of how a Durban high school drama teacher allegedly ?groomed? some of his pupils by initially luring them with money for ?muscle pictures?, and then more money for ?genital shots?, and then ?large amounts? for filmed ?sexual ...Teacher paid boy for sex, photosNews24all 2 news articles »

Madonna Tops Forbes' Highest Earning Musicians List - Hollywood Reporter

Date: Wed, 20. November 2013 23:27:27
BillboardMadonna Tops Forbes' Highest Earning Musicians ListHollywood ReporterLady Gaga and and Bon Jovi round out the top three, largely thanks to successful tours. Madonna was this year's top earning musician, according to Forbes' annual report that was released Wednesday. our editor recommends. 'SNL' Recap: Lady Gaga Spars ...Madonna tops the 2013 Forbes list of highest-paid musicians, beating out Lady ...Daily MailMadonna, Lady Gaga Top Forbes' List of Highest-Paid MusiciansBillboardMadonna Tops Forbes' List of 2013 Highest-Paid Musicians: See Where Others ...Us -Christian Science Monitorall 242 news articles »

PM still says no to extended paid parental leave - Radio New Zealand

Date: Sun, 28. April 2013 23:05:44 still says no to extended paid parental leaveRadio New ZealandThe Prime Minister says the Government is sticking to its guns over paid parental leave, despite a poll showing strong public support. In a survey of 1009 eligible voters, 62% would support paid parental leave being extended from 14 to 26 weeks, at the ...Parental leave extension bill 'too costly' veto of paid parental leave 'an overreaction'TVNZGovt unmoved by parental leave support3News NZVoxy -The Bay of Plenty Times -MSN NZ Newsall 10 news articles »

Billboard: YouTube building an on-demand music streaming service with free and paid tiers

Date: Wed, 23. October 2013 21:46:59
The rumor mill's been churning out tales of a forthcoming YouTube music streaming service for months now, and today Billboard published a new story with a startling amount of detail about it. According to unnamed sources, YouTube's working on ...

Bill Clinton says he will stop giving paid speeches if Hillary wins

Date: Wed, 10. June 2015 20:57:58
By Jonathan Allen DENVER (Reuters) - Bill Clinton said on Wednesday he would no longer give paid speeches if his wife, Hillary Clinton, is elected U.S. president. Republicans and media commentators have criticized both Clintons for earning millions of dollars from paid speeches, saying the practice raises the possibility of conflicts of interest. The former president said he would continue to give speeches without compensation if Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, enters the White House.

Rare movie posters auctioned off for $1.2M

Date: Fri, 14. December 2012 08:20:04
A collector paid big for a collection of early and rare film posters, including the world's most highly-valued poster from the 1927 film "Metropolis."

New Obama order requires contractors to pay for sick leave - CNN

Date: Mon, 7. September 2015 02:23:39
ABC NewsNew Obama order requires contractors to pay for sick leaveCNNBoston (CNN) Hundreds of thousands of American workers could become newly eligible for paid sick leave after President Barack Obama signs an executive order Monday forcing companies who contract with the federal government to provide the benefit to ...In Boston speech, Obama to unveil executive order for more paid sick leaveWashington PostObama to Require Federal Contractors to Provide Paid Sick LeaveNew York TimesObama to Give 300000 Workers Paid Sick Leave With New Executive OrderABC NewsWall Street Journal -Boston Globe -Fox Newsall 72 news articles »

Female Uber Drivers Get Paid Less Than Men, Says Study

Date: Wed, 7. February 2018 03:06:21
According to a new study by Uber and Stanford economists, male Uber drivers get paid 7 percent more than their female counterparts in the U.S. "That's surprising, because Uber's driver assignments and pay are gender-blind, meaning a driver's gender isn't considered when matching riders or assigning fares," reports Recode. "Rather, pay has to do with trip length, distance and whether it's happening during surge-price hours or not." From the report: There are more male drivers -- women make up 27 percent of Uber drivers in the U.S. -- and male drivers tend to work longer hours. However, on an hourly rate, women still make less, according to the data, which measured trips by 1.8 million drivers from 2015 to 2017. According to the study, discrimination on the customer side isn't the reason for the pay gap, either. So why are female Uber drivers paid less than men? The study points to three reasons that make the gap disappear: When and where: The times and places female Uber drivers work seem to be less profitable. That could be fewer overnight shifts, shifts with shorter wait times or surge-price shifts than men. Driver experience: Drivers who've been with Uber longer get paid more, on account of knowing which routes and times tend to pay more. In general, men work for Uber longer than women so they are more experienced. The attrition rate after six months is 77 percent for women and 65 percent for men. Speed: Male Uber drivers conduct more trips per hour than women, meaning they're actually driving faster, according to the data. More trips mean more money. About 50 percent of the earnings gap is explained away by differences in driving speed. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

A private island off the coast of Miami paid $30,000 for 1,800 coronavirus antibody tests while

Date: Sat, 18. April 2020 15:07:00
To live on exclusive Fisher Island, residents pay a one-time fee of $250,000. The coronavirus is a whole different pandemic for the ultrarich.

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