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Amazon will pay some authors based on how many pages you read

Date: Sun, 21. June 2015 15:29:00
Authors are normally paid a consistent amount for every e-book you download, no matter how much of a page-turner it is. Amazon might just shake up that model before long, though. As of July 1st, the internet ...

'Modern Family' product placement takes ads to new level

Date: Thu, 5. May 2016 12:21:47
NEW YORK (AP) ? If Phil Dunphy's insistence that he's a Realtor and not a real estate agent on "Modern Family" this week seemed a little odd, be aware that ABC was paid to make that distinction.

Official defends hiring son of Egyptian president

Date: Thu, 14. February 2013 07:28:21
CAIRO (AP) ? Egypt's aviation minister says the hiring of President Mohammed Morsi's son to a highly-paid government job was justified, dismissing accusations of nepotism.

Paid parental leave: Senior Liberals deny Tony Abbott's 'signature' policy has ... - Yahoo!7 New

Date: Sat, 2. August 2014 23:08:38 parental leave: Senior Liberals deny Tony Abbott's 'signature' policy has ...Yahoo!7 NewsSenior Liberals have rejected reports the Prime Minister's "signature" paid parental leave policy has been delayed, but say getting budget measures through Parliament will take priority. The scheme is set to start next July but the legislation has not been put to ...Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme deferred with no due date in sightSydney Morning HeraldPaid parental leave scheme: Government ministers reject reports of deferralSBSTony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme not ditched, say ministersThe GuardianBusiness Insider Australia -Brisbane Timesall 20 news articles »

De Blasio to expand paid sick days law in NYC

Date: Fri, 17. January 2014 00:24:14
NEW YORK (AP) ? New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to fulfill a campaign promise by announcing a significant expansion of a law that requires employers to give workers paid sick days.

California may have paid millions for fraudulent drug treatment: audit

Date: Tue, 19. August 2014 21:20:07
A California program that covers addiction treatments for the poor may have paid $93.7 million in fraudulent claims, a state audit showed. The report released Tuesday by the California State Auditor showed that the state's Drug Medi-Cal program may have paid more than $3 million in claims for patients who were actually dead, and found serious deficiencies in the agency's records for 30 drug treatment program providers. ?It is a very troubling audit,? said State Senator Ted Lieu, a Southern California Democrat who requested the audit along with another lawmaker. ?It shows that there is significant fraud in California?s Drug Medi-Cal system, and that this fraud has been ongoing for many years.? The audit was spurred by a 2013 investigation by The Center For Investigative Reporting and CNN, which found questionable billing practices at drug-treatment clinics in Southern California.

Why Politicians Keep Jacking Up Taxes on Travelers

Date: Fri, 6. December 2013 08:50:53
Politicians are addicted to taxes that they swear aren’t really taxes?not ones paid by locals anyway. In the near future, one of the many taxes paid by air travelers could double. In the aftermath of 9/11, the government began tacking on a security fee for each flight sold: $2.50 per nonstop flight, and a maximum of $5 on a connecting flight. A proposed increase to the fee, which has been receiving bipartisan support in Congress, could mean that all airline passengers pay $5 per flight, or $10 for a round trip, starting as soon as next year. A $5 fee hike may not seem like that big of a deal, but for travelers tired of encountering fees at every turn, the prospect of yet another charge is enough to make them queasy. In fact, in early December Airlines for America, a trade association that supports the airline industry, began handing out leaflets and air sickness bags with special messages at Washington Reagan National Airport to get just that point across. ?Are high taxes on air travel making you sick?? the barf bags read. “Fasten your seat belts because Washington wants you to pay even more.” According to the association’s Stop Air Tax Now! campaign, there are currently 17 different federal taxes and fees assessed on aviation, and U.S. airlines and passengers paid $2.3 billion to the TSA in fees and taxes in 2012, double the amount paid in 2002. Roughly 20% ($61) of the cost of a $300 round-trip flight now goes to taxes and fees. (MORE: The Fee-Crazed Airline Travelers Love to Hate) Yet a CNN Money story summed up why politicians of all persuasion are in love with such fees, and why they’re prone to increase them when budget shortfalls arise: The Republicans can say that they guarded against any tax increases because higher user fees simply count as more revenue — i.e., not an actual income tax increase on wages or investments. And Democrats can say that they avoided deeper cuts in domestic programs as well as

Startup Assembly Banks On Paid, Open-Source Style Development

Date: Fri, 21. November 2014 22:33:00
enbody writes A year-old startup, Assembly, is built on the premise of creating products using open-source style development, but structured in a way that you get paid for your contributions. Open-source development is well-known in the Slashdot community, as are a variety of ways to earn a living around open-source, such as support. What is new here is being paid as part of the development, and not just for coding — your contribution might be as project manager or sales. A nice description with video showed up today on the Verge. Of course, the devil is in the details, but they have products so someone in Slashdot land may be interested. (Bias warning: I know one of these guys.) Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tech firms' responses to latest NSA disclosures cloud the truth, experts say

Date: Fri, 23. August 2013 19:53:00
Technology companies may be hiding behind legal jargon to avoid being more forthcoming in their responses to new documents on government surveillance that were disclosed Friday, some experts say. Internet and software companies including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and Facebook ?are legally compelled to lie,? said security expert Bruce Schneier, citing national security letters that companies are prohibited from disclosing. Some similar statements were made in interviews with the IDG News Service following a report published Friday in The Guardian alleging that the National Security Agency paid millions of dollars to companies such as Google and Facebook to cover costs involved in surveillance. The tech companies incurred these costs in fulfilling tighter certification requirements after a 2011 court ruling said the government?s data collection was unconstitutional, according to documents obtained by The Guardian. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

ESPN YouTube videos die so that YouTube Red may live

Date: Fri, 23. October 2015 12:00:00
ESPN has yanked much of its content from YouTube before next week?s launch of paid YouTube Red subscriptions.YouTube Red is set to launch on October 28 for $10 per month. The service removes all ads from YouTube and offers several other benefits, including music streaming from Google Play All Access, offline video playback, and exclusive content from YouTube stars.To offer paid subscriptions, YouTube had to renegotiate how it pays content providers. ESPN and YouTube haven?t come to an agreement, Mashable reports, and 11 of the 13 channels on ESPN?s account are now devoid of any videos. (X Games and NacionESPN are the lone exceptions.)To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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