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California to mandate paid sick leave under new law

Date: Wed, 10. September 2014 13:40:10
By Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) - California businesses will have to provide paid sick leave to most employees under a bill signed on Wednesday by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, the latest move to aid low-income workers in the most populous U.S. The bill would require employers to provide up to three days of annual paid sick leave to workers, who would accrue the time off at a rate of one hour per 30 hours worked. Last autumn, the Democratic governor signed a bill raising the minimum wage in the state to $10 an hour by 2016. When the new law takes effect next July, California will become the second state in the country, after Connecticut, to require paid days off for employees who are ill, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Seven big U.S. companies paid CEOs more than Uncle Sam in 2013: study

Date: Tue, 18. November 2014 00:32:20
By Kevin Drawbaugh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Seven of the 30 largest U.S. corporations paid more money to their chief executive officers last year than they paid in U.S. federal income taxes, according to a study released on Tuesday that was disputed by at least one of the companies. Amid talk in Washington about corporate tax reform, the study said the seven companies, which in 2013 reported more than $74 billion in combined U.S. pre-tax profits, came out ahead on their taxes, gaining $1.9 billion more than they owed. ...

Spotify has 100 million users but Apple Music remains a threat

Date: Mon, 20. June 2016 15:32:00
According to a new report in The Telegraph, Spotify has reached 100 million active users every month and 30 percent of those users are paid subscribers. Those figures certainly sound impressive, but it?s interesting to note that Spotify reported a similar figure of paid subscribers back in March. This means that Spotify?s paid subscribers have remained pretty stagnant at 30 million in the last three months.We have 30 million @Spotify subscribers, but none of them are in Cuba ... yet. So cool to see Cuba opening up! read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Baylor University paid ex-football coach $15 million after sex scandal

Date: Sat, 31. March 2018 17:21:01
A spokeswoman for Baylor, a private Baptist university in Waco, said the money was severance pay, made as part of a legal settlement, and came from institutional reserves. Kenneth Starr, who was forced to step down as the university's president and chancellor in the wake of the scandal, received more than $4.5 million in severance pay, the school said.

In U.S. government shutdown fight, concern for congressional aides

Date: Tue, 1. October 2013 00:41:13
By Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the waning hours before a potential U.S. government shutdown, lawmakers expressed anxiety that some of the people hit hardest will be those who are closest to them - the army of often low-paid aides who work long hours to keep Capitol Hill going. Many congressional staffers have been declared "essential," meaning they would come to work even if the government is closed. But under the rules of a shutdown, they would not be paid until the impasse is over. Those deemed inessential would be furloughed, with no guarantee of getting back lost income. ...

Poll shows federal workers don't prefer a border wall to getting paid

Date: Wed, 16. January 2019 15:51:01
The president has claimed repeatedly that many federal workers directly impacted by the partial U.S. government shutdown support his demand for a border wall. But a new poll of government employees shows that few actually do.

Hack Apple, get paid -- by Apple

Date: Thu, 4. August 2016 19:54:54
In a first for Apple, the company will pay up to $200,000 to researchers who find security problems in its systems.

Citigroup paid $250 million to resolve U.S. mortgage suit

Date: Thu, 2. January 2014 12:59:20
Citigroup Inc. paid $250 million to taxpayer-owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to settle a lawsuit over soured mortgage securities, the regulator of the two housing finance firms said on Thursday. General Electric Co. also paid $6.25 million to settle a similar suit, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said in a statement. Ally Financial Inc, the former parent of bankrupt Residential Capital LLC, paid $475 million. Citi, GE and Ally had previously settled the claims in 2013, but none had disclosed the financial terms.

New York tax payers have paid $428 million for NYPD settlements in past five years

Date: Sun, 12. October 2014 19:57:37
Thor BensonNEW YORK, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- New York tax payers have paid $428 million for NYPD settlements in past five years, according to newly released documents.

Soundcloud expands into mainstream with paid streaming plan

Date: Tue, 29. March 2016 14:30:19
LOS ANGELES (AP) ? Soundcloud is entering paid music streaming, hoping to turn its huge community of cover singers, dubstep remixers and wannabe stars into a bigger source of revenue.

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