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Poll shows federal workers don't prefer a border wall to getting paid

Date: Wed, 16. January 2019 15:51:01
The president has claimed repeatedly that many federal workers directly impacted by the partial U.S. government shutdown support his demand for a border wall. But a new poll of government employees shows that few actually do.

Hack Apple, get paid -- by Apple

Date: Thu, 4. August 2016 19:54:54
In a first for Apple, the company will pay up to $200,000 to researchers who find security problems in its systems.

Citigroup paid $250 million to resolve U.S. mortgage suit

Date: Thu, 2. January 2014 12:59:20
Citigroup Inc. paid $250 million to taxpayer-owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to settle a lawsuit over soured mortgage securities, the regulator of the two housing finance firms said on Thursday. General Electric Co. also paid $6.25 million to settle a similar suit, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said in a statement. Ally Financial Inc, the former parent of bankrupt Residential Capital LLC, paid $475 million. Citi, GE and Ally had previously settled the claims in 2013, but none had disclosed the financial terms.

New York tax payers have paid $428 million for NYPD settlements in past five years

Date: Sun, 12. October 2014 19:57:37
Thor BensonNEW YORK, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- New York tax payers have paid $428 million for NYPD settlements in past five years, according to newly released documents.

Soundcloud expands into mainstream with paid streaming plan

Date: Tue, 29. March 2016 14:30:19
LOS ANGELES (AP) ? Soundcloud is entering paid music streaming, hoping to turn its huge community of cover singers, dubstep remixers and wannabe stars into a bigger source of revenue.

Schmidt: If governments want Google to pay more taxes, they should change tax laws

Date: Mon, 27. May 2013 10:45:37
Google chairman Eric Schmidt and Apple CEO Tim Cook may be rivals but they both agree that government officials need to look at themselves in the mirror more when they decry the low tax rates paid by major tech companies. Per BBC News, Schmidt this week said that Google paid all the taxes it was legally required to pay in the United Kingdom and said that governments should change the laws if they want companies to pay more. ?If the British system changes the tax laws, then we will comply,? Schmidt said. ?If the taxes go up, we will pay more, if they go down, we will pay less. That is a political decision for the democracy that is the

Penn State paid settlement involving sex-abuse claim against Jerry Sandusky

Date: Mon, 9. May 2016 02:00:09
The Sports Xchange Penn State paid out a settlement involving a sex-abuse claim against assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky from 1971.

Detroit has paid $23 million to consultants through October 1

Date: Wed, 20. November 2013 19:29:30
By Joseph Lichterman DETROIT (Reuters) - Detroit has paid almost $23 million in fees to lawyers, consultants and financial advisers through October 1, including nearly $11 million to law firm Jones Day, which is representing the city in bankruptcy court, according to figures released by Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's office on Wednesday. Detroit, which is awaiting a decision from a federal bankruptcy judge to determine if it is eligible for bankruptcy protection, has agreed to pay more than $60 million to more than a dozen firms aiding in its restructuring efforts, Orr's office said. Through October 1, the city has paid $4.59 million to Conway MacKenzie, a Detroit area restructuring firm, and $4.17 million to accounting firm Ernst & Young. Accounting firm Plante Moran was paid $1.5 million through October 1 and investment banking firm Miller Buckfire was paid $1.2 million.

Netflix Has Almost Already Paid for 'House of Cards' in New Subscribers

Date: Mon, 22. April 2013 17:38:13
By adding more than 2 million U.S. subscribers this quarter and another 1 million elsewhere in the world, Netflix has nearly earned back its entire $100 million investment in House of Cards ? in under three months. As we explained in our breakdown of the economics of that original show, Netflix only needed about 520,834 new users ? in two years ? to break even on that program. But the streaming and delivery businesses have added nearly $50 million in subscriber dollars in this country alone, Netflix announced in its earnings report Monday. ...

Leaked details show Gareth Bale cost Real Madrid more than Cristiano Ronaldo

Date: Thu, 21. January 2016 11:49:37
The full financial details of Gareth Bale's move to Real Madrid from Tottenham have been leaked with the player appearing to have cost the Spanish club more than Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the leaked transfer agreement, the fee for Wales international Bale was 91million euros - less than the 96million Real paid for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 - but because the fee was to be paid in instalments the final sum rises to a world record 100.7million euros .

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