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Size matters: Study shows big difference in office visit reimbursements

Date: Mon, 9. January 2017 17:10:18
By Gene Emery (Reuters Health) - An analysis of 15.3 million doctor office visits shows that physicians get paid significantly more if they are part of a large provider group, while insurance companies can dramatically reduce what they pay doctors for those visits if they've consolidated their share of the marketplace. The study in Health Affairs puts some hard numbers to a basic economic concept of market dominance and the bargaining that accompanies it. Just increasing their market share to 5 to 15 percent reduced the average amount the insurer paid to $70, or 18 percent less.

Lizard Squad's paid cyberattack service faces a hack of its own

Date: Sat, 17. January 2015 22:04:00

Amazon wants to give paid apps away for free

Date: Fri, 20. March 2015 21:06:00

Amazon paid $15 million for Woody Allen's new movie

Date: Thu, 25. February 2016 00:25:42
Amazon is in the midst of a TV and movie spending spree, an apparent attempt to beat out streaming rivals like Netflix and Hulu by outbuying them. Amazon Studios has done deals with directors Jim Jarmusch, Spike Lee, Todd Solondz, and Terry Gilliam that will see their movies arrive on Amazon Prime, and has spent lavishly on its own range of original TV shows, including The Man in the High Castle. Most recently it landed the rights to Woody Allen's still-untitled next movie, in a deal that The Hollywood Reporter said today was worth $15 million upfront ? an extravagantly expensive offer 15 times the amount Sony Pictures Classic paid for Allen's last movie. There's no guarantee Allen's Amazon debut will be a commercial success ? the director is particularly divisive figure, following on from sexual abuse allegations by his adoptive daughter, and his movies are hardly summer blockbusters at the best of times.

Obamas earned over $600,000 last year: White House

Date: Fri, 12. April 2013 15:17:56
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama paid $112,214 in federal taxes in 2012, the White House announced Friday. The Obamas filed their income tax returns jointly and reported adjusted gross income of $608,611. This puts the president's effective federal income tax rate at 18.4%. Obama would pay more taxes under his own administration's proposed tax and spending plans for fiscal year 2014. The president and First Lady also paid $29,450 in Illinois state income tax. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife paid $87,851 in total federal tax in 2012 on adjusted gross income of $385,072. They also paid $13,531 in Delaware income tax. Dr. Jill Biden paid $3,593 in a separate non-resident tax return for the state of Virginia.

Kids' and niche shows kick off new paid YouTube channels

Date: Fri, 10. May 2013 01:43:30
YouTube, once merely a repository for user-submitted videos, has become a full-fledged content network, and they've finally added the long-rumored paid channels. A bevy of kids' shows and highly targeted video networks are trying their luck with the 99-cent-per-month service.Shows on Google-owned YouTube have long been supported by ads around video, but some content creators would rather have thei...    

Brazil executive says he paid $36.1 million to Petrobras: media

Date: Sun, 19. April 2015 02:18:32
A top construction company executive has told investigators he paid $36.1 million in bribes to executives at state oil giant Petrobras, which is being rocked by Brazil's biggest ever corruption scandal, local media reported. Eduardo Leite, vice president at the construction firm Camargo Correa, told prosecutors the bribes stretched from 2007-2012. The construction firm is allegedly one of those that paid executives at Petrobras to give them contracts in exchange for overcharging. Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff chaired the Petrobras board during much of the period when the alleged corruption took place, though she has not been implicated in the scandal.

Secretary of Defense Orders Pentagon Suspend the Collection of Bonuses From California National

Date: Wed, 26. October 2016 18:40:06
In response to a national outcry, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has ordered the Pentagon to suspend the collection of bonuses that were improperly paid to members of California's National Guard. The Los Angeles Times was first to report on Saturday that thousands of National Guard soldiers had been ordered to repay enlistment bonuses of at least $15,000 a decade after signing up to serve. The Pentagon asked for the money back after it found that the California National Guard had paid bonuses to guardsmen who did not meet the qualifications.

NYC first responders charged in massive 9/11 disability scam

Date: Tue, 7. January 2014 16:23:59
Officers Were 'Coached' in How to Fake Anxiety, Depression, According to Indctment

Match Group revenue beats as Tinder attracts more paid users

Date: Tue, 3. May 2016 18:41:47
(Reuters) - Dating website operator Match Group Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly revenue on Tuesday, as its popular dating app Tinder attracted more paying users. The company's shares rose 7.3 percent to $11.98 in after-hours trading. Match Group, which also owns and OkCupid, gets bulk of its revenue from membership fees and paid features. The company said its average paid-member count jumped 36 percent to 5.1 million in the first quarter ended March 31, also helped by the acquisition of PlentyOfFish. ...

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