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What Pokémon GO Teaches Us About Winning In The Workplace

Date: Fri, 15. July 2016 19:43:00
Even just a few decades ago, there was a very distinct correlation between compensation and a paycheck. You worked and you got paid. If you stayed at the same company and continued to work, you were likely promoted and paid more. Pretty simple. That’s how you “won” at work – you got a steady paycheck and potentially moved up the ladder.

Priciest tuna cost down despite shrinking stocks

Date: Sun, 5. January 2014 01:33:50
TOKYO (AP) ? Sushi restauranteur Kiyoshi Kimura paid 7.36 million yen (about $70,000) for a 507 pound (230 kilogram) bluefin tuna in the year's celebratory first auction at Tokyo's Tsukiji market on Sunday, just one-twentieth of what he paid a year earlier despite signs the species is in serious decline.

Here's How LeBron James and the Lakers Paid Tribute to the Thousand Oaks Shooting Victims

Date: Mon, 12. November 2018 17:19:37
The names of the victims were also read over the Staples Center PA system

How Amazon paid zero in taxes on its billions

Date: Tue, 27. February 2018 21:04:56
In 2017, Amazon reported $5.6 billion of U.S. profits and didn't pay a dime of federal income taxes on it. It also gets a $789 million windfall from Trump's new tax law. #Tucker

Pity the Poor Exorbitantly-Paid CEOs

Date: Mon, 21. April 2014 12:58:44
Being paid exorbitant bonuses for failing is the problem. Not that people who succeed didn't help the needy enough.

Facebook Reportedly Paid For Smear Campaign Against George Soros

Date: Thu, 15. November 2018 12:19:24
In an effort to muffle criticism of how it handled Russian interference and

Why AI is about to make some of the highest-paid doctors obsolete

Date: Fri, 20. January 2017 10:48:13
According to a recent New England Journal of Medicine article, radiology and pathology are particularly susceptible to the power of machine learning.

Social Security Has Paid Benefits To My Dead Husband For A Year

Date: Wed, 17. January 2018 05:46:36
Ann Brenoff?s ?On The Fly? is a weekly column about navigating growing older ? and a few other things.

Paid family leave gets good reviews in Rhode Island as Obama pushes for change nationwide

Date: Mon, 25. May 2015 13:33:49
As President Barack Obama pushes for a federal law to get paid leave to care for a new baby or an ailing relative, residents of one of the three states that already provide it sing its praises, hinting at the reception it could receive if rolled out nationally. Rhode Island last year began allowing workers to take up to four weeks of paid leave.

'I Expect to Be Paid Equally.' BBC's China Editor Quits Over Pay Gap

Date: Mon, 8. January 2018 02:32:59
After she learned that her male counterparts made 50% more than her

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