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Here?s How You Can Get Paid $16,000 to Lie in Bed All Day

Date: Wed, 5. April 2017 15:27:27
In the name of science

The 'Paid-What-You're-Worth' Myth

Date: Fri, 14. March 2014 10:41:59
It's often assumed that people are paid what they're worth. According to this logic, minimum wage workers aren't worth more than the $7.25 an hour they now receive. If they were worth more, they'd earn more. Any attempt to force employers to pay them more will only kill jobs.

Here Are Some Of The Ads Russia Paid To Promote On Facebook

Date: Wed, 1. November 2017 17:50:17
Two months after Facebook first acknowledged it was paid to promote 3,000 divisive Russian-backed ads during the 2016 election, we?re finally getting a look at some of the ads themselves.

Walmart gives workers a way to get paid earlier

Date: Wed, 13. December 2017 18:05:29
NEW YORK (AP) ? Walmart is providing workers with an app aimed at helping them budget their money and get paid before payday.

Facebook paid £4,327 in UK corporate tax in 2014

Date: Tue, 13. October 2015 20:54:53
The social network's UK branch paid less in corporation tax than the country's average worker pays in income tax, following a trend of Silicon Valley behemoths avoiding the taxman.

4 ways PC gamers think Steam could fix the paid mods debacle

Date: Mon, 27. April 2015 13:29:00
Not everyone wants to tear down Valve?s Steam service after its messy venture into paid mods. Last Thursday, Steam announced that modders could charge for their work through Steam Workshop. Conflict immediately erupted: Mods had always been free up to now, and there were ethical and legal questions around paid mods, too.Despite the initial furor, some PC gamers think Valve?s plan for paid mods could still work with some tweaking. After all, some developers spend years modifying PC games to create entirely new experiences, and could surely use financial support along the way.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Trump Paid More Than $100,000 To Cohen, Financial Disclosure Confirms

Date: Wed, 16. May 2018 18:24:12
President Donald Trump reported having paid his personal attorney Michael

How Terry Paid His Way Out of Trouble

Date: Tue, 17. June 2014 00:13:00
New York?s new interview with the scandal-tarred photographer may be lengthy, but it glosses over two lawsuits filed against him in 2005. Now the complaints have been published in full.

APNewsBreak: $5M paid to Iraqis over Abu Ghraib

Date: Wed, 9. January 2013 08:36:48
A defense contractor whose subsidiary was accused in a lawsuit of conspiring to torture detainees at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq has paid $5.28 million to 71 former inmates held there and at ...

Facebook paid $5.16 million in UK taxes last year, 1,000 times what it paid in 2014

Date: Mon, 10. October 2016 01:30:29
Facebook paid £4.16 million ($5.16 million) in UK corporation tax last year, the company revealed on Sunday, a huge increase on the paltry £4,327 (around $5,367 at current exchange rates) it paid the year before. The company's accounts show a turnover of £210 million, and a taxable profit of £20 million, on which it paid standard UK corporation tax rate. While technically compliant with UK tax laws, Facebook's previous payments drew criticism from campaigners and politicians, who complained that the billion-dollar company was shirking its moral responsibility to pay tax in countries that it did business in.
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